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Finlay Family Genealogy

4 June 2020 - 2:06:34pm
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BERTELSEN, Karen Karen4 June 1781239Birth 
BROWN, Nathanial
Nathanial4 June 1685335Marriage 
Bushnell, Stephen Stephen4 June 1653367Birth 
Bushnell, Thomas Thomas4 June 1653367Birth 
CAKEBREAD, Anna Anna4 June 1613407Christening 
Coates, Percy Alvin Percy Alvin4 June 197842Death 
Donohoo, Mary Magdalen Mary Magdalen4 June 1809211Baptism 
Donohoo, Patrick Patrick4 June 1809211Event 
HAWS, Matilda Matilda4 June 1849171Death 
Miller, Archibald Archibald4 June 1878142Probate 
MILLER, Mary Mary4 June 1784236Birth 
Thornbury, Sarah Sarah4 June 1809211Event 
TYSON, Margaret Margaret4 June 1752268Death 
WILLARD, Henry Henry4 June 1655365Birth 
Young, Mary ‎(Molly)‎ Mary (Molly)4 June 1908112Death 

Total events: 15
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