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Finlay Family Genealogy

15 December 2018 - 12:48:02pm
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BROWNE, Hester Esther Hester Esther15 December 1667351Death 
BROWNE, Hester Esther Hester Esther15 December 1667351Burial 
BROWNE, Ruth Ruth15 December 1667351Death 
Coates, Thomas Thomas15 December 1790228Christening 
Corn, Walter Fredric Walter Fredric15 December 196553Death 
CUTLER, Thomas Thomas15 December 1677341Birth 
DABY, Joseph Joseph15 December 1716302Birth 
DARBY, Joseph Joseph15 December 1716302Birth 
Farnworth, Ina Pearl Ina Pearl15 December 192890Death 
Fox, Benoni Benoni15 December 1750268Death 
Hartmann, Maria Eberhardine Maria Eberhardine15 December 1832186Death 
Hoke, Juliana Juliana15 December 1864154Death 
Jorgensen, Jorgen
Jensen, Ellen
Jorgen15 December 1816202Marriage 
Perry, Alfred Calvin
Corn, Susan Delilah "Lila"
Alfred Calvin15 December 1887131Marriage 
Peter, Casper
Bloss, Juliana
Casper15 December 1795223Marriage 
SANDERS, Sarah Jane Sarah Jane15 December 1841177Birth 

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