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Finlay Family Genealogy

3 August 2020 - 8:30:37pm
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DICKINSON, George George3 August 1707313Birth 
DICKINSON, George George3 August 1707313Christening 
Farthing, Annie Watkins Annie Watkins3 August 1883137Death 
Farthing, Eliza Eliza3 August 1790230Death 
Farthing, Thomas Hallyburton Thomas Hallyburton3 August 1863157Death 
Freeman, Kezie Kezie3 August 1785235Birth 
Hansen, Marie Elizabeth Marie Elizabeth3 August 1777243Birth 
HOWEY, Clement S Clement S3 August 1864156Birth 
LEWIS, Ellis III Ellis III3 August 1730290Birth 
Loomis, Mary Mary3 August 1653367Birth 
NUTTING, James James3 August 1656364Christening 
NUTTING, Mary Mary3 August 1656364Christening 
RAZOR, Mary Christina Mary Christina3 August 1850170Death 
STAFFORD, William William3 August 1780240Christening 
WHEELER, Elizabeth Elizabeth3 August 1595425Birth 
WHEELER, Elizabeth Elizabeth3 August 1595425Christening 
Wilson, Earl Lewis Earl Lewis3 August 192793Birth 
WILTBANK, Josephene Josephene3 August 197050Burial 
WILTBANK, Rachel Ellen Rachel Ellen3 August 1852168Birth 

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