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Finlay Family Genealogy

20 March 2018 - 7:29:45pm
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Bloss, John George John George20 March 1783235Birth 
BROOM, Betty Betty20 March 1734284Birth 
BROOM, Thomas Thomas20 March 1734284Birth 
BUSBY, Abraham Abraham20 March 1687331Death 
CARTER, Hannah Hannah20 March 1596422Birth 
CARTER, Hannah Hannah20 March 1596422Christening 
CORBIN, Clement
Clement7 March 1655363Marriage 
CORBIN, Clement
Clement7 March 1654/55 (17 March 1655)363Marriage 
Cotton, Jerry Montgomery
McGee, Georgia Ann
Jerry Montgomery20 March 1888130Marriage 
CUTLER, Joanna Joanna20 March 1746272Christening 
DELBRIDGE, Dorothy Dorothy20 March 1589429Death 
DICKINSON, Mary Mary20 March 1642376Christening 
Hartmann, Maria Maria20 March 1635383Birth 
Lamb, William William20 March 1864154Death 
Russell, Abigail Abigail20 March 1774244Death 
Shipman, Edward Edward20 March 1692326Birth 
Skiffe, Nathaniel Nathaniel20 March 1645373Birth 
Taylor, Lester Lester20 March 195563Death 
WHITCOMB, Josiah Josiah20 March 1718300Death 
WHITCOMB, Tamer Tamer20 March 1726292Birth 
HOSMER, Hannah
Josiah20 March 1656362Marriage 

Total events: 21
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