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Finlay Family Genealogy

29 June 2017 - 12:26:16pm
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BRINTON, Daughter Daughter29 June 1606411Burial 
BRINTON, ‎(unknown)‎ (unknown)29 June 1606411Burial 
DICKINSON, Mercy Mercy29 June 1669348Christening 
HALL, William Heber William Heber29 June 1867150Death 
Jeppson, Sidsel Sidsel29 June 1829188Death 
Lamb, Elizabeth Victoria Elizabeth Victoria29 June 1882135Death 
Lamb, Sophia Sophia29 June 1769248Birth 
PIERSON, Rose Rose29 June 1771246Death 
SPOFFORD, Ebenezer Ebenezer29 June 1690327Death 
STOUT, Freegift Freegift29 June 1766251Death 
Wheeler, Samuel Samuel29 June 1712305Death 
WOODWARD, John John29 June 1808209Death 

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