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Finlay Family Genealogy

23 September 2017 - 3:34:31am
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BUSBY, Abraham
COMPTON, Abigail
Abraham23 September 1659358Marriage 
BUSBY, Abraham
‎(unknown)‎, Abigail
Abraham23 September 1659358Marriage 
Coates, Thomas Thomas23 September 192097Death 
DICKINSON, James James23 September 1716301Birth 
DICKINSON, James James23 September 1716301Christening 
Farnworth, Twila Nora "Terry" Twila Nora "Terry"23 September 198928Death 
Gregory, Triphosa Triphosa23 September 1627390Christening 
HUGHES, John John23 September 1810207Christening 
Jenkins, Ephraim
Baker, Margarett
Ephraim23 September 1851166Marriage 
JUPIN, Freeborn Freeborn23 September 1855162Death 
Loomis, Ann Ann23 September 1630387Death 
Otis, John John23 September 1727290Death 
Otis, John
Bacon, Mercy
John23 September 1727290Marriage 
RICE, Henry Henry23 September 1608409Burial 
STANFIELD, Grace Grace23 September 1673344Birth 
Stevens, Henry Henry23 September 196057Death 
WILLARD, Richard
Richard23 September 1601416Marriage 
WILTBANK, Florence Florence23 September 1880137Birth 

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