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Finlay Family Genealogy

17 June 2019 - 8:03:48am
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BEAVAN, Edward Edward17 June 1792227Christening 
Bushnell, Mary Mary17 June 1634385Burial 
BUTTERICK, Mary Mary17 June 1664355Birth 
John17 June 1688331Marriage 
Hartmann, Christina Margaretha Christina Margaretha17 June 1786233Death 
Killingsworth, Lois Belle Lois Belle17 June 192297Death 
Lamb, Samuel Samuel17 June 1737282Death 
LAWLER, Samuel Samuel17 June 1793226Birth 
NUTTING, Richard
GRAY, Miriam
Richard17 June 1718301Marriage 
NUTTING, Richard
Richard17 June 1718301Marriage 
Page, Christopher Christopher17 June 1599420Christening 
SANDERS, Ellis Mendenhall Ellis Mendenhall17 June 1876143Death 
TYSON, Margaret Margaret17 June 1752267Burial 
WHITE, Robert Robert17 June 1617402Death 
WHITE, Robert Robert17 June 1617402Burial 
WOODWARD, Abraham Abraham17 June 1740279Birth 
Zimmerman, George Gottlob George Gottlob17 June 1866153Death 

Total events: 17
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