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Finlay Family Genealogy

23 February 2019 - 1:41:39am
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ASHTON, Alice Alice10 February 1610/11 (20 February 1611)408Birth 
ASHTON, Sarah Sarah23 February 1619400Christening 
CORBIN, Jabez Jabez23 February 1668351Birth 
CORBIN, Jabez Jabez23 February 1668351Christening 
DABY, Nahum Nahum23 February 1712307Birth 
Donohoo, Howard Hynes "H.H." Howard Hynes "H.H."23 February 1911108Event 
Fox, Martha Martha23 February 1784235Birth 
Gains, Daniel Daniel10 February 1675/76 (20 February 1676)343Death 
Gerlach, Hans Ulrich Hans Ulrich23 February 1661358Christening 
HALL, Robert Robert23 February 1820199Burial 
HAWS, Benjamin
Benjamin23 February 1819200Marriage 
JANNEY, Rondull ‎(Randle)‎ Rondull (Randle)23 February 1580439Christening 
JANNEY, Rondull ‎(Randle)‎ Rondull (Randle)23 February 1580439Birth 
JENSEN, Christen Christen23 February 1780239Death 
Lamb, Harriet Emaline Harriet Emaline23 February 1862157Birth 
Lauer, Johannes
Siebert, Catharina
Johannes23 February 1658361Marriage 
MARIS, Robert Robert10 February 1621/22 (20 February 1622)397Birth 
MARIS, Robert Robert10 February 1621/22 (20 February 1622)397Christening 
Olesen, Anne Marie Anne Marie23 February 1772247Christening 
PEARSON, Jeremiah Jeremiah23 February 1737282Death 
Sandford, Annie Mildred Annie Mildred23 February 1911108Event 
Steen, Jens Rasmussen Jens Rasmussen23 February 1739280Birth 
Steen, Maren Rasmussen Maren Rasmussen23 February 1738281Birth 
Turner, Edward
Lighter or Liter, Sarah Horrell "Sallie"
Edward23 February 1864155Marriage 
Wheeler, Ruth Ruth23 February 1642377Birth 
WILTBANK, Ida Ida23 February 1910109Death 

Total events: 26
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