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Finlay Family Genealogy

24 August 2019 - 8:26:34am
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BARNARD, Joan Joan24 August 1649370Burial 
BEAVAN, Emma Emma24 August 1777242Christening 
Bushnell, Lydia Lydia24 August 1753266Death 
DICKINSON, Dorcas Dorcas24 August 1750269Birth 
Donohoo, Josephine Josephine24 August 1859160Death 
Elder, Joseph E. Joseph E.24 August 1882137Birth 
Gerlach, Bernhard Bernhard24 August 1650369Christening 
HARRIS, Timothee
Timothee24 August 1682337Marriage 
HIGGENSON, Custance Custance24 August 1583436Death 
HIGGENSON, Custance Custance24 August 1583436Burial 
Loomis, Joseph Joseph24 August 1590429Birth 
Loomis, Joseph Joseph24 August 1590429Christening 
PARYE, Margaret ‎(Ann)‎ Margaret (Ann)24 August 1652367Death 
PARYE, Margaret ‎(Ann)‎ Margaret (Ann)24 August 1540479Christening 
Presnell, Hyrum Lorenzo Hyrum Lorenzo24 August 1889130Birth 
Preston, Margaret Margaret24 August 1583436Christening 
Terrell, Henry Clay Henry Clay24 August 1821198Birth 
WHITE, Mary Mary24 August 1590429Birth 
WHITE, Mary Mary24 August 1590429Christening 
WILTBANK, John John24 August 1786233Birth 

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