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Finlay Family Genealogy

20 November 2017 - 3:13:58pm
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Barger, Bessie Bill Bessie Bill20 November 1892125Birth 
BROWNE, John John20 November 1697320Death 
Bushnell, Sarah Sarah20 November 1625392Christening 
CUTLER, Samuel Samuel20 November 1700317Death 
Davis, Delilah L. Delilah L.20 November 193582Death 
Eriksen, Ane Ane20 November 1735282Christening 
HALL, Samuel Parley
MAUGHAN, Ruth Cecelia
Samuel Parley20 November 1893124Marriage 
HAWS, Caleb William Caleb William20 November 1871146Death 
HOPKINSON, Jonathan Jonathan20 November 1641376Death 
Johnson, James James20 November 1859158Birth 
Lamb, Suel Erastus Suel Erastus20 November 1866151Birth 
Larsen, Ellen Ellen20 November 1782235Death 
MARIS, Richard Richard20 November 1672345Birth 
MENDENHALL, Aaron Aaron20 November 1690327Birth 
NUTTING, Ebenezer Ebenezer20 November 1686331Birth 
Preston, Hackaliah Hackaliahbetween 20 November 1690 and 1692327Death 
SNOW, Zerubbabel Zerubbabel20 November 1733284Death 
Treffinger, Anna Maria Anna Maria20 November 1711306Christening 
Wheeler, Thomas Thomas20 November 1603414Christening 
Wheeler, Thomas Thomas20 November 1603414Christening 
Yancey, Geneva Florence Geneva Florence20 November 192097Birth 
Zimmerman, Mary Mary20 November 1828189Death 

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