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Finlay Family Genealogy

15 October 2018 - 4:17:43pm
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Barton, Albert Franklin Albert Franklin15 October 195365Death 
Bloss, John George John George15 October 1744274Birth 
CARTER, Thomas Thomas15 October 1591427Birth 
DABY, Robert Robert15 October 1804214Death 
FINLAY, Anne Jane Anne Jane15 October 1839179Birth 
Gerlach, Erhardt Erhardt15 October 1630388Death 
HALL, Samuel Parley Samuel Parley15 October 1918100Death 
NELSON, Timothie Timothie15 October 1612406Birth 
Otis, Mercy Mercy15 October 1693325Birth 
PEARSON, Phebe Phebe15 October 1732286Death 
Peters, Elizabeth Elizabeth15 October 192890Burial 
Pregizer, Rosine Margarette Rosine Margarette15 October 1742276Birth 
TYSON, Elizabeth Elizabeth15 October 1723295Birth 
WILTBANK, Frank Darrell
WILSON, Juaneitha
Frank Darrell15 October 195068Marriage 

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