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Finlay Family Genealogy

17 January 2018 - 7:37:02pm
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BRENTON, Edward Edward17 January 1663355Birth 
COGAN, Richard Richard17 January 1602416Birth 
COGAN, Richard Richard17 January 1602416Christening 
CUTLER, John John17 January 1738280Birth 
CUTLER, John John17 January 1738280Christening 
CUTLER, Mary Mary17 January 1568450Christening 
CUTLER, Mary Mary17 January 1568450Birth 
Finlay, George George17 January 1823195Occupation 
Finlay, George George17 January 1823195Occupation 
FINLAY, Joseph John Joseph John17 January 1823195Occupation 
GILES, Richard
COGAN, Judith
Richard4 January 1623/24 (14 January 1624)394Marriage 
HALL, Thomas Thomas17 January 1802216Christening 
HAWS, Benjamin Benjamin17 January 1788230Birth 
LEWIS, Ellis Ellis17 January 1763255Death 
LOWER, Hans "Michael" Hans "Michael"17 January 1715303Birth 
LOWER, Hans "Michael" Hans "Michael"17 January 1715303Christening 
HUNT, Mary
Abraham17 January 1702316Marriage 
Page, Ebenezer Ebenezer17 January 1676342Birth 
Pedersen, Haris Haris17 January 1728290Birth 
COGAN, Judith
Giles4 January 1623/24 (14 January 1624)394Marriage 
SESSIONS, Thomas Brody
HAWES, Sarah Ellen
Thomas Brody17 January 1841177Marriage 
TYSON, Mary Mary17 January 1763255Death 
WHITCOMB, Elizabeth Elizabeth17 January 1723295Birth 
WILLARD, Richard
Richard17 January 1609409Marriage 
Wright, Judah
Burt, Mercy
Judah17 January 1667351Marriage 

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