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Finlay Family Genealogy

21 January 2021 - 8:16:15am
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Barton, Elizabeth June Elizabeth June21 January 199526Death 
BUCKMINSTER, Dorcas Dorcas21 January 1722299Death 
Farnworth, Joseph Franklin Joseph Franklin21 January 1896125Birth 
Gray, James
Hedden, Catherine
James21 January 1836185Marriage 
Hock, Bernhardt Bernhardt21 January 1657364Birth 
Hock, Rudolph Rudolph21 January 1662359Death 
IGGLEDEN, Elizabeth Elizabeth21 January 1620401Birth 
IGGLEDEN, Elizabeth Elizabeth21 January 1620401Christening 
LEWIS, Mary Mary21 January 1778243Death 
Mortensen, Jens Jens21 January 1735286Birth 
NELSON, Sammuell Sammuell21 January 1605416Christening 
PICKUP, George
HAWS, Eliza
George21 January 1849172Marriage 
SIMONSEN, Lauritz Lauritz21 January 1753268Burial 
WILTBANK, Charles Edwin Charles Edwin21 January 1863158Birth 
WILTBANK, Rachel Ellen Rachel Ellen21 January 193190Death 

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