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Finlay Family Genealogy

20 October 2021 - 4:00:39am
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BATEMAN, William William20 October 1658363Death 
BATEMAN, William Williambefore 20 October 1658363Death 
Burt, Jonathan
LOBDELL, Elizabeth
Jonathan20 October 1651370Marriage 
EGGLETON, Hannah Hannah20 October 1646375Death 
Freeman, Isaac Isaac20 October 1706315Birth 
HAWS, Lucinda Lucinda20 October 1828193Birth 
Johnson, Joseph
Lamb, Olive Rosan
Joseph20 October 1884137Marriage 
Johnson, Mary Georgina Mary Georgina20 October 1858163Birth 
JUPIN, Mary Mary20 October 1852169Death 
Laich, Michael
Gerlach, Katharina
Michael20 October 1674347Marriage 
LEE, Hancock Hancock20 October 1709312Burial 
LEWIS, John John20 October 1747274Birth 
Martin, John John20 October 1781240Birth 
MICKELSEN, Christen Christen20 October 1754267Birth 
Olesen, Jans Jans20 October 1765256Christening 
RICE, Henry Henry20 October 1609412Christening 
SESSIONS, Simeon Simeon20 October 1814207Death 
SWEETE, Marie Marieabout 20 October 1640381Death 
Wheeler, Mary Mary20 October 1615406Christening 
Wheeler, Mary Mary20 October 1615406Christening 
WISE, Alice Alice20 October 1657364Burial 
Yancey, Geneva Florence Geneva Florence20 October 200318Death 

Total events: 22
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