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Finlay Family Genealogy

18 August 2017 - 10:00:57pm
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ALREDD, Ellen Ellen18 August 1583434Birth 
Burt, Patience Patience18 August 1645372Birth 
CALVERT, Joshua Joshua18 August 1680337Birth 
CALVERT, Thomas Thomas18 August 1680337Birth 
HAWS, John
HOBBS, Nancy Or Agnes
John18 August 1797220Marriage 
Jessen, Nephi Nephi18 August 1913104Death 
Koch, Georg Friedrich Georg Friedrich18 August 1674343Christening 
LEWIS, John John18 August 1741276Birth 
MARIS, Alice Ann Alice Ann18 August 1667350Birth 
RICE, Henry Henry18 August 1583434Christening 
Ritchie, Mary Frances Mary Frances18 August 1889128Death 
SNOW, John
John18 August 1602415Marriage 
SWEETE, Matthew
Matthew18 August 1591426Marriage 
WHITE, Bridget Bridget18 August 1594423Birth 
WHITE, Bridget Bridget18 August 1594423Christening 

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