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Finlay Family Genealogy

24 March 2019 - 10:28:45pm
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ASHTON, Harry Harry11 March 1668/69 (21 March 1669)350Christening 
BROWNE, Mary Mary24 March 1636383Birth 
Corn, Karl H. Karl H.24 March 194277Death 
DICKINSON, John John24 March 1671348Birth 
Freeman, Nathaniel Nathaniel24 March 1741278Birth 
Hartmann, Michael Michael24 March 1708311Birth 
HAWS, John Madison John Madison24 March 1847172Birth 
HUMPHREY, Elmer Clement "E.C." Elmer Clement "E.C."24 March 192297Death 
JANNYE, Heline Heline24 March 1610409Christening 
LAWLER, George Henry George Henry24 March 193980Death 
MENDENHALL, George George24 March 1716303Birth 
Paulsen, Jens Jens24 March 1712307Death 
Shipman, Benjamin Benjamin24 March 1762257Death 
STAFFORD, Mary Mary24 March 1816203Christening 
Stocker, Barbara Barbara24 March 1697322Christening 
Wheeler, Susanna Susanna24 March 1649370Death 
Wheeler, Susanna Susanna24 March 1649370Death 

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