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Finlay Family Genealogy

18 June 2024 - 12:35:58pm
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BASH, Harold Harold18 June 197351Death 
Best, Doris Doris18 June 196262Death 
BLOOD, Sarah
Daniel18 June 1685339Marriage 
CUTLER, Issac Issac18 June 1758266Death 
DICKINSON, George George18 June 1732292Death 
Finlay, George George18 June 1842182Occupation 
FINLAY, Sylphia Kate Sylphia Kate18 June 1872152Birth 
Mortensen, Jorgen Jorgen18 June 1741283Birth 
NELSON, Jeremiah Jeremiah18 June 1671353Burial 
Peter, Anna Anna18 June 1675349Birth 
Sandford, Annie Mildred Annie Mildred18 June 1911113Event 
SPAEFORD, Jonathon Jonathon18 June 1772252Burial 
THROCKMORTON, Miles Miles18 June 1605419Birth 
THROCKMORTON, Miles Miles18 June 1605419Christening 

Total events: 14
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