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Finlay Family Genealogy

3 March 2024 - 6:10:30am
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ALGERE, William William3 March 1468556Death 
Brown, John
Zimmerman, Margaret
John3 March 1857167Marriage 
Bushnell, Dorothy Dorothy19 February 1651/52 (29 February 1652)372Birth 
Eriksen, Anders Anders3 March 1754270Burial 
Gray, Edward Luther "Ed" Edward Luther "Ed"3 March 194777Burial 
HAWS, Gilbreth Gilbreth3 March 1877147Death 
HOPKINSON, Ann Ann3 March 1688336Birth 
JANNYE, Heline Heline3 March 1611413Death 
JANNYE, Heline Heline3 March 1611413Burial 
Jessen, Dorthea Dorthea3 March 1820204Birth 
PEARSON, Sarah Sarah3 March 1655369Birth 
SANDERS, Ellis Ellis3 March 1766258Birth 
STRODE, Edward Edward3 March 1555469Death 
WHITCOMB, Oliver Oliver3 March 1772252Birth 

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