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Finlay Family Genealogy

8 March 2021 - 6:14:04am
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Bruch, Maria Maria8 March 1700321Death 
Bushnell, Elizabeth Elizabeth8 March 1628393Birth 
CHRISTENSEN, Anne Anne8 March 1807214Death 
DAVIS, Matthew
CORBIN, Margaret
Matthew23 February 1690/91 (5 March 1691)330Marriage 
Farnworth, Francis Chris Francis Chris8 March 1904117Birth 
Farnworth, George Heber George Heber8 March 1895126Death 
HANSEN, Lars Christian Lars Christian8 March 1917104Burial 
HAWS, William Wallace William Wallace8 March 1895126Burial 
Lamb, Anne Anne8 March 1767254Birth 
Lamb, Jacob Jacob8 March 1698323Christening 
Larsen, Andres Andres8 March 1769252Birth 
LAWLER, James W James W8 March 1821200Birth 
LOWER, Sophia Sophia8 March 1842179Birth 
LOWER, Sophia Sophia8 March 1842179Birth 
MARIS, John John8 March 1747274Death 
BACON, Elizabeth
George8 March 1690331Marriage 
NIELSEN, Simon Simon8 March 1757264Birth 
Saltzmann, Melchior Melchior8 March 1584437Christening 
SESSIONS, Samuel Samuel8 March 1680341Birth 
WHITE, Sarah Sarah8 March 1586435Birth 
WHITE, Sarah Sarah8 March 1586435Christening 

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