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Finlay Family Genealogy

17 December 2017 - 3:44:05pm
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Allen, Mary Jane Mary Jane17 December 192097Death 
Beck, Ovid LaMar Ovid LaMar17 December 1915102Birth 
BLOOD, James James17 December 1683334Death 
BRINTON, William William17 December 1666351Birth 
CALVERT, Thomas Thomas17 December 1685332Death 
DICKINSON, Samuel Samuel17 December 1756261Death 
JANNEY, Thomas Thomas17 December 1677340Death 
LOWER, Peter Peter17 December 1775242Birth 
MARSHALL, Abraham Abraham17 December 1767250Death 
Payne, Anne Anne17 December 1587430Christening 
PEARSON, Mary Mary17 December 1651366Birth 
Shipman, Benjamin Benjamin17 December 1693324Birth 
Shipman, Phoebe Phoebe17 December 1726291Birth 
SVENDSEN, Baltzer Baltzer17 December 1775242Burial 
PATCH, Sarah
Oliver17 December 1751266Marriage 

Total events: 15
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