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Finlay Family Genealogy

19 July 2019 - 8:54:38am
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Barton, Edith Myrtle Edith Myrtle19 July 1883136Death 
BRINTON, Thomas Thomas19 July 1607412Birth 
CLAGETT, William William19 July 1639380Birth 
CUTLER, Elizabeth Elizabeth19 July 1735284Birth 
CUTLER, Keziah Keziah19 July 1719300Birth 
CUTLER, Keziah Keziah19 July 1719300Christening 
Richard19 July 1660359Marriage 
Farnworth, Ethel Susannah Ethel Susannah19 July 1890129Birth 
Johnson, Joseph Joseph19 July 1865154Birth 
Turner, Mary Eula Mary Eula19 July 1887132Birth 

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