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Finlay Family Genealogy

19 January 2020 - 1:27:09pm
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Barkley, Garth L Garth L19 January 197842Death 
BIDLACK, Jonathan
Jonathan19 January 1796224Marriage 
Bushnell, Nicholas Nicholas19 January 1593427Death 
Bushnell, Nicholas Nicholas19 January 1593427Burial 
Farnworth, Ivan Allen Ivan Allen19 January 1897123Birth 
HANSEN, Lars Christian
HANSEN, Karen Juliane
Lars Christian19 January 1866154Marriage 
Loomis, Lydia
Isaac6 January 1714/15 (17 January 1715)305Marriage 
Larsen, Ingor Ingor19 January 1755265Birth 
Lauer, Elisabetha Catherine Elisabetha Catherine19 January 1684336Birth 
Peter, Anna Anna19 January 1738282Birth 
Stevens, Rogers Gray Rogers Gray19 January 199030Death 
Treffinger, Johann Jakob Johann Jakob19 January 1670350Christening 
WHITCOMB, Lois Lois19 January 1747273Birth 
WHITCOMB, Sarah Sarah19 January 1781239Birth 

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