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Finlay Family Genealogy

15 April 2021 - 7:46:48am
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Baitinger, Johannes Johannes15 April 1657364Christening 
Bushnell, Rebecca Rebecca15 April 1621400Christening 
Corn, George George15 April 1867154Birth 
Donohoo, Francis Thomas "Frank, FT" Francis Thomas "Frank15 April 1807214Baptism 
Donohoo, Patrick Patrick15 April 1807214Event 
Fox, Eliphalet
Bishop, Mary
Eliphalet15 April 1702319Marriage 
Fox, Eliphalet
Colburn, Mary
Eliphalet15 April 1702319Marriage 
Freeman, Alice Alice15 April 1601420Christening 
Gifford, Nettie Nettie15 April 196655Death 
Hand, Stephen Stephen15 April 1693328Death 
Enos15 April 1736285Marriage 
LOWER, Hans "Michael" Hans "Michael"15 April 1789232Death 
Mortensen, Karen Karen15 April 1739282Birth 
Quenell, Farris Farris15 April 1587434Christening 
Shipman, Samuel Samuel15 April 1722299Birth 
Thornbury, Sarah Sarah15 April 1807214Event 
Wheeler, John John15 April 1567454Death 
WILSON, George Washington George Washington15 April 1880141Birth 
WILTBANK, Milford Jay Milford Jay15 April 1890131Birth 

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