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Finlay Family Genealogy

28 January 2021 - 11:31:02am
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Bacon, Elizabeth Elizabeth28 January 1653368Birth 
BASH, Harold Harold28 January 1898123Birth 
Burt, Nathaniel
SIKES, Rebecca
Nathaniel15 January 1662/63 (25 January 1663)358Marriage 
BUSBY, Livewell Livewell28 January 1636385Burial 
BUSBY, Thomas Thomas28 January 1626395Burial 
CUTLER, Elizabeth Elizabeth28 January 1640381Birth 
Evans, Leo. K. Leo. K.28 January 197051Death 
Freeman, John John28 January 1627394Christening 
Freeman, Lemuel P Lemuel P28 January 1919102Death 
Gerlach, Maria Maria28 January 1594427Death 
Gray, David B. David B.28 January 1857164Birth 
Hartmann, Johann Friedrich
Koch, Maria Katharina
Johann Friedrich28 January 1744277Marriage 
PEARSON, Stephen Stephen28 January 1706315Death 
Schweig, Christian
Lauer, Maria Margaretha
Christian28 January 1710311Marriage 
SESSIONS, Alexander
BOWER, Huldah
Alexander28 January 1750271Marriage 
SNOW, James James28 January 1708313Death 
WHEELER, Parthiana
Ephraim15 January 1729/30 (26 January 1730)291Marriage 
WOODWARD, James James28 January 1736285Birth 

Total events: 18
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