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Finlay Family Genealogy

28 March 2020 - 8:42:11am
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Barger, Bessie Bill Bessie Bill28 March 198040Death 
Bushnell, Edmond Edmond28 March 1636384Death 
BUTTERICK, Sarah Sarah28 March 1736284Death 
Eriksen, Soren Soren28 March 1791229Burial 
Fisher, Ernest Arrington Ernest Arrington28 March 199624Burial 
Froeschlin, Katharina Katharina28 March 1740280Death 
HAWS, Vilma Olive Vilma Olive28 March 193585Death 
HUGHES, Peter Beavan Peter Beavan28 March 1902118Death 
Jackson, Mabel Mabel28 March 1762258Birth 
Loomis, Lydia Lydia28 March 1760260Death 
MENDENHALL, Abraham Abraham28 March 1766254Birth 
Nusseli, Adelheit Adelheit28 March 1658362Birth 
ROBERTS, John John28 March 1780240Birth 
SESSIONS, Joseph Joseph28 March 1686334Birth 
SNOW, Temperance Temperance28 March 1601419Birth 
WHEELER, Adam Adam28 March 1668352Death 
WHEELER, Edward Edward28 March 1668352Death 
Wheeler, George George28 March 1605415Christening 
WHEELER, Jethro Jethro28 March 1664356Birth 
WHEELER, John Johnbefore 28 March 1668352Death 

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