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Finlay Family Genealogy

21 October 2020 - 4:34:47am
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Bird, Caroline Caroline21 October 1906114Death 
Corn, Sarah Sarah21 October 1874146Death 
Donohoo, Charles "Chas" Charles "Chas"21 October 1862158Military 
HUMPHREY, James Walker
PRENTISS, Nancy Annie
James Walker21 October 1885135Marriage 
Jensen, Maren Kirstine Maren Kirstine21 October 1798222Birth 
Lamb, James Jackson James Jackson21 October 1896124Death 
Abel21 October 1666354Marriage 
LEE, John
John21 October 1599421Marriage 
LEE, Richardus
BENDY, Elizabeth
Richardus21 October 1599421Marriage 
MOORE, Joseph Joseph21 October 1647373Birth 
Mortensen, Kirstene Kirstene21 October 1726294Birth 
Peter, Anna Anna21 October 1691329Death 
Preston, Hannah Hannah21 October 1701319Death 
RITCHIE, William William21 October 1859161Death 
SMYTHES, Mary Mary21 October 1599421Christening 
SNOW, Honar Honar21 October 1615405Birth 
SNOW, Honar Honar21 October 1615405Christening 

Total events: 17
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