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Finlay Family Genealogy

21 March 2023 - 4:33:22am
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Bushnell, Elizabeth Elizabeth8 March 1627/28 (18 March 1628)395Birth 
Coates, Sarah Sarah21 March 1856167Death 
CORBIN, Margaret Margaret21 March 1676347Birth 
DICKINSON, Sarah Sarah21 March 1734289Death 
DICKINSON, Sarah Sarah21 March 1733290Death 
Freeman, Jonathan Jonathan21 March 1744279Birth 
Hedden, Catherine Catherine21 March 1815208Birth 
LAKIN, John John21 March 1697326Death 
LAKIN, John John21 March 1697326Death 
Lamb, James Jackson
Ross, Sarah Elizabeth
James Jackson21 March 1863160Marriage 
Larsen, Maren ‎(Marie)‎ Maren (Marie)21 March 1886137Burial 
LOWER, Benjamin J
Duncan, Lizzie A.
Benjamin J21 March 1872151Marriage 
LOWER, John Peter John Peter21 March 1892131Death 
MARSHALL, John John21 March 1663360Birth 
MENDENHALL, George George21 March 1663360Birth 
Milchiorsen, Jorgen Jorgen21 March 1734289Birth 
Morton, William
Burnham, Mary
William21 March 1670353Marriage 
Olesen, Hans Hans21 March 1770253Death 
Peter, John John21 March 1857166Death 
Presnell, Daniel Foster Daniel Foster21 March 1916107Death 
Knud21 March 1738285Marriage 
SCOTT, Mary Mary21 March 1657366Birth 
SNOW, John John21 March 1735288Death 
STAFFORD, James James21 March 1783240Christening 

Total events: 24
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