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Finlay Family Genealogy

18 September 2020 - 8:04:41pm
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Barton, Daisy E. Daisy E.18 September 1902118Birth 
Corn, Peter Peter18 September 1792228Birth 
Corn, Silas Silas18 September 1803217Birth 
Donohoo, Howard Hynes "H.H." Howard Hynes "H.H."18 September 1891129Event 
Donohoo, John John18 September 1814206Baptism 
Donohoo, Patrick Patrick18 September 1814206Event 
FINLAY, Joseph John Joseph John18 September 1835185Occupation 
Fox, Elizabeth Elizabeth18 September 1642378Birth 
Fox, Mary Mary18 September 1642378Birth 
Gray, Nora Nora18 September 1873147Birth 
HAWS, Albert W.
Albert W.18 September 1879141Marriage 
Jessen, Jesse Jesse18 September 1826194Birth 
Johnson, Jane Elizabeth Jane Elizabeth18 September 1875145Birth 
Johnson, Lorenzo Lorenzo18 September 1871149Birth 
LEE, Charles Charles18 September 1706314Birth 
LEE, Charles Charles18 September 1706314Christening 
Olesen, Hans Hans18 September 1768252Christening 
Adam18 September 1811209Marriage 
Thornbury, Sarah Sarah18 September 1814206Event 
Wheeler, Mary Mary18 September 1743277Death 

Total events: 20
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