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Finlay Family Genealogy

13 April 2024 - 7:17:25pm
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BERTELSEN, Kirsten Kirsten13 April 1777247Birth 
Burt, Mary Mary13 April 1635389Christening 
Burt, Mary Mary13 April 1635389Birth 
Coates, Vernal Bert Vernal Bert13 April 195569Death 
‎(unknown)‎, Mary
John13 April 1618406Marriage 
Donohoo, Mary Magdalen Mary Magdalen13 April 1886138Death 
DURSTON, William
COGAN, Johane ‎(Johanne)‎
William13 April 1618406Marriage 
FINLAY, Marion Stafford Jr Marion Stafford Jr13 April 192995Birth 
HALL, Hannah Mary Hannah Mary13 April 1916108Burial 
HANSEN, Marquard Marquard13 April 1842182Birth 
HUGHES, Joseph Joseph13 April 1817207Christening 
Jessen, Jes Peter George
Tidwell, Maryette
Jes Peter George13 April 1883141Marriage 
KINGE, William
COGAN, Judith
William13 April 1618406Marriage 
Marler, Dorothy Dorothy13 April 1561463Christening 
MENDENHALL, Benjamin Benjamin13 April 1740284Death 
PEARSON, Phebe Phebe13 April 1660364Birth 
Pederson, Maren Maren13 April 1763261Death 
PETERSON, Marcor Hansen Marcor Hansen13 April 1842182Birth 
WHEELER, Abigail Abigail13 April 1742282Death 
Wilson, Anna Florence Anna Florence13 April 198440Death 
WOODWARD, Jane Jane13 April 1687337Birth 

Total events: 21
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