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Finlay Family Genealogy

28 September 2022 - 6:46:22am
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WHITE, Bridget
John28 September 1618404Marriage 
Corn, William Harrison
Davis, Hannah Elizabeth
William Harrison28 September 1872150Marriage 
Davis, Delilah L. Delilah L.28 September 1848174Birth 
FINLAY, George George28 September 194478Burial 
Friderich, Hans Barnhard Hans Barnhard28 September 1678344Death 
HALL, Mary Ann Mary Ann28 September 1806216Christening 
King, Elizabeth ‎(Betsy)‎ Elizabeth (Betsy)28 September 1870152Death 
MORSE, Joseph Joseph28 September 1646376Death 
NIELSEN, Anne Marie Anne Marie28 September 1777245Birth 
NIELSEN, Anne Marie Anne Marie28 September 1777245Christening 
Loomis, Sarah
Nicholas28 September 1640382Marriage 
SANDERS, Ellis Mendenhall Ellis Mendenhall28 September 1843179Birth 
WOODWARD, Sarah Sarah28 September 1715307Death 

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