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Finlay Family Genealogy

22 April 2024 - 9:15:41am
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BIDLACK, Jonathan
CUTLER, Hannah
Jonathan22 April 1767257Marriage 
Burt, Miss Miss22 April 1643381Death 
BUSBY, Annie Annie22 April 1622402Christening 
BUSBY, Annie Annie22 April 1623401Birth 
Corn, Jesse Jesse22 April 1875149Death 
CUTLER, Edward Edward22 April 1572452Christening 
CUTLER, Edward Edward22 April 1572452Birth 
DICKENSEN, Mary Mary22 April 1673351Death 
DICKINSON, Mary Mary22 April 1673351Burial 
DICKINSON, Mary Mary22 April 1673351Death 
FINLAY, Alice Alice22 April 200915Event 
Fox, Prudence Prudence22 April 1856168Death 
Freeman, Edmund
Prence, Rebecca
Edmund22 April 1646378Marriage 
HAWS, Francis Marion
JONES, Sarah Ann
Francis Marion22 April 1857167Marriage 
HAWS, William
MECHAM, Emilie
William22 April 1857167Marriage 
Jensen, Soren Soren22 April 1804220Birth 
Jessen, Mads Peter Mads Peter22 April 1822202Birth 
Johnson, Mary Georgina Mary Georgina22 April 1875149Death 
RIDLAKE, Jonathan
CUTLER, Hannah
Jonathan22 April 1767257Marriage 
SPOFFORD, John John22 April 1697327Death 
WHITCOMB, Josiah Josiah22 April 1718306Burial 
WHITCOMB, Lydia Lydia22 April 1790234Birth 

Total events: 22
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