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Finlay Family Genealogy

24 June 2022 - 9:54:07pm
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Allen, Henry
Dutton, Susanna Mary Jane
Henry24 June 1839183Marriage 
ALLGAR, Bridget Bridgetafter 24 June 1605417Death 
Bishop, Susan "Sue or Sudie" Susan "Sue or Sudie"24 June 1914108Death 
BUSBY, Nicholas
COCKE, Bridget
Nicholas24 June 1605417Marriage 
CALVERT, Margaret Margaret24 June 1661361Birth 
CHRISTENSEN, Jens Jens24 June 1763259Christening 
Coates, George George24 June 1876146Death 
Coates, George George24 June 1876146Death 
Farnworth, George
Bustard, Elizabeth D
George24 June 1840182Marriage 
Farnworth, Hyrum Hyrum24 June 193983Death 
HALL, William Heber William Heber24 June 1859163Birth 
Jessen, Ole Ole24 June 1809213Birth 
Jorgensen, Karen Karen24 June 1787235Christening 
Lamb, Ann Ann24 June 1694328Birth 
LAWLER, William Francis William Francis24 June 193488Death 
LOWER, John Michael John Michael24 June 1742280Birth 
MICKELSEN, Christen Christen24 June 1804218Death 
MOORE, Lydia Lydia24 June 1643379Birth 
NELSON, Phillip
Phillip24 June 1657365Marriage 
SMYTHES, Judith Judith24 June 1608414Christening 
STOUT, Jonathan Jonathan24 June 1764258Birth 
SWEETE, Matthew Matthew24 June 1612410Burial 
TYSON, Reynear Or Rynear Reynear Or Rynear24 June 1711311Birth 
TYSON, Rynier Rynier24 June 1711311Birth 
WHITE, Robert
ALLGAR, Bridget
Robert24 June 1585437Marriage 
Wilson, Kimbrough Wallace "Dock" Kimbrough Wallace "Dock"24 June 194874Death 
WILTBANK, Sarah Sarah24 June 1793229Birth 
Zimmerman, Christina Christina24 June 1818204Birth 

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