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Finlay Family Genealogy

31 March 2023 - 12:50:03am
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CORBIN, James James31 March 1665358Birth 
CORBIN, James James31 March 1665358Christening 
Corn, William Harrison William Harrison31 March 1912111Birth 
DIXON, William William31 March 1708315Death 
Farnworth, Hugh Hugh31 March 1903120Birth 
TYSON, Elizabeth
John31 March 1742281Marriage 
Freeman, Nathaniel Nathaniel31 March 1718305Birth 
HAWS, Albert Alonzo Albert Alonzo31 March 193291Death 
HUGHES, Rebecca Rebecca31 March 1823200Birth 
HUNT, James James31 March 1717306Death 
JANNEY, Margery Margery31 March 1583440Birth 
JANNEY, Margery Margery31 March 1583440Christening 
Mygatt, Zebulan
Fox, Bathsheba
Zebulan31 March 1777246Marriage 
WILTBANK, Brigham Ellis Brigham Ellis31 March 1849174Birth 

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