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Finlay Family Genealogy

19 August 2022 - 2:51:16am
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Bushnell, Ebenezer Ebenezer19 August 1701321Birth 
Bushnell, Hepzibah Hepzibah19 August 1701321Birth 
COLE, Henry
SNOW, Agnes Or Angnis
Henry19 August 1631391Marriage 
GOODSPEED, Alice Alice19 August 1576446Birth 
GOODSPEED, Alice Alice19 August 1576446Christening 
Hartmann, Johann Friedrich
Sippel, Anna Margarethe
Johann Friedrich19 August 1779243Marriage 
Loomis, Mary Mary19 August 1680342Death 
Loomis, Nathaniel Nathaniel19 August 1688334Death 
Loomis, Nathaniel Nathaniel19 August 1688334Burial 
MAKEPEACE, William William19 August 1681341Death 
MARCH, Eulalia Eulalia19 August 1690332Death 
MENDENHALL, John John19 August 1743279Death 
Peter, Daniel Daniel19 August 1798224Birth 
STRODE, Jane Jane19 August 1699323Death 
VEITCH, John John19 August 1767255Death 

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