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Finlay Family Genealogy

30 May 2023 - 5:45:13pm
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BRINTON, Thomas Thomas30 May 1641382Birth 
BRINTON, Thomas Thomas30 May 1641382Christening 
Carr, Byron Kirk Byron Kirk30 May 1894129Birth 
Donohoo, Charles "Chas" Charles "Chas"30 May 1865158Military 
Farnworth, George Cyrus George Cyrus30 May 196558Death 
Hambleton, James Claudius James Claudius30 May 1857166Birth 
HOPKINSON, John John30 May 1692331Birth 
JURDIN JORDAN, Elyas Elyas30 May 1619404Christening 
Lamb, Olive Rosan Olive Rosan30 May 1864159Birth 
MARTIN, Thomas
Thomas30 May 1675348Marriage 
Peter, John Jakob
Nusseli, Adelheit
John Jakob30 May 1685338Marriage 
VAN DYKE, Hendrick Thomasse
RYSENS, Magdalena Jacobse
Hendrick Thomasse30 May 1675348Marriage 
VEITCH, James James30 May 1685338Death 
WILTBANK, Rebecca Rebecca30 May 197944Death 

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