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Finlay Family Genealogy

27 January 2023 - 7:37:15am
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ALRED, Robert Robert27 January 1597426Christening 
BALTZERSEN, Margrethe Margrethe27 January 1807216Death 
KNIGHT, Margaret
Thomas27 January 1668355Marriage 
Burt, Sarah Sarah14 January 1620/21 (24 January 1621)402Christening 
Bushnell, Edmond Edmond27 January 1629394Burial 
CUTLER, Olive Olive27 January 1748275Birth 
CUTLER, Olive Olive27 January 1748275Christening 
Farnworth, Lawrence Lawrence27 January 1722301Birth 
Farnworth, William
Appleton, Ellen
William27 January 1797226Marriage 
Gains, Henry Henrybefore 14 January 1644/45 (24 January 1645)378Death 
Gerlach, Erhart Erhart27 January 1632391Christening 
Kaab, Johann
Schwarz, Katharina
Johann27 January 1587436Marriage 
KENT, Dorothy Dorothy27 January 1673350Death 
Lauer, Anna Juliana Anna Juliana27 January 1725298Death 
Lauer, Maria Margaretha Maria Margaretha27 January 1725298Death 
Lovelace, Elias Elias27 January 1755268Birth 
MARSHALL, Humphrey Humphrey27 January 1683340Burial 
Merrill, Harrison Reuben
Johnson, Edna
Harrison Reuben27 January 1909114Marriage 
MICHELSEN, Knud Knud27 January 1760263Birth 
MILLER, Mary Mary27 January 1793230Christening 
Murdock, John R.
Lamb, Polly Emaline
John R.27 January 1857166Marriage 
SNOW, Arthur Arthur27 January 1610413Birth 
SNOW, Arthur Arthur27 January 1610413Christening 
STAPILTON, Phillip Phillip27 January 1618405Death 
WHITCOMB, Lydia Lydia27 January 1745278Christening 

Total events: 25
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