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Finlay Family Genealogy

2 December 2022 - 9:08:59am
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Allen, William William2 December 1821201Christening 
Burckhardt, Katharina Katharina2 December 1571451Christening 
Burnham, Elizabeth Elizabeth2 December 1720302Death 
Dillaman, Mary Permilla ‎(Millie)‎ Mary Permilla (Millie)2 December 1882140Birth 
Dunigan, James M.
Gray, Caroline
James M.2 December 1869153Marriage 
Freeman, Margaret Margaret2 December 1652370Birth 
HOWEY, Ruth Ruth2 December 1907115Birth 
Jensen, Milchior Milchior2 December 1770252Birth 
Jessen, Annie Cecelia Annie Cecelia2 December 1866156Birth 
Jessen, Jes Peter George Jes Peter George2 December 1860162Birth 
Jessen, Lehi Lehi2 December 1860162Birth 
Lamb, Harriet Laura Harriet Laura2 December 1830192Birth 
LAWLER, Silas Neely Silas Neely2 December 1900122Death 
MARIS, George George2 December 1662360Birth 
MARIS, George George2 December 1632390Birth 
Peters, Amos Amos2 December 1825197Birth 
Sorensen, Jens Jens2 December 1764258Christening 
Stevens, Rogers Gray
Cox, Ople Modena
Rogers Gray2 December 194577Marriage 

Total events: 18
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