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Finlay Family Genealogy

10 December 2023 - 2:10:06pm
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Bacon, Mercy Mercy10 December 1737286Death 
BEAN, George Washington
HAWS, Emily
George Washington10 December 1856167Marriage 
Ralph10 December 1795228Marriage 
BRINTON, William William10 December 1615408Christening 
Bushnell, Edward Edward10 December 1629394Christening 
Coates, Elizabeth Elizabeth10 December 1842181Birth 
Coates, Susannah Susannah10 December 1836187Birth 
Dutton, Matthew Matthew10 December 1815208Christening 
Dutton, Matthew Matthew10 December 1815208Burial 
Dutton, Matthew Matthew10 December 1815208Birth 
Freeman, Kezie Kezie10 December 1756267Birth 
Hagen, Charles W Charles W10 December 194083Death 
HALL, Thomas Thomas10 December 1801222Birth 
Hartmann, Johann Michael Johann Michael10 December 1757266Death 
Hartmann, Juliane Heinrike Juliane Heinrike10 December 1768255Birth 
Jensen, Jorgen Jorgen10 December 1780243Birth 
LAKIN, William William10 December 1672351Death 
LEE, Richard Richard10 December 1726297Death 
LEE, Richard Richard10 December 1726297Death 
MARIS, Alice Alice10 December 1726297Burial 
MARIS, Alice Alice10 December 1726297Death 
Melton, Pearl Pearl10 December 194281Death 
Nichols, Jonathan Jonathan10 December 1655368Birth 
NUTTING, Josiah Josiah10 December 1658365Death 
Otis, Mary Mary10 December 1685338Birth 
RICE, Elizabeth Elizabeth10 December 1690333Death 
Snow, Richard Richard10 December 1683340Birth 
STAFFORD, William Edgar
Addy, Leah Lenore
William Edgar10 December 1910113Marriage 
Wheeler, Thomas Thomas10 December 1676347Death 
Wheeler, Thomas Thomas10 December 1676347Death 

Total events: 30
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