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Finlay Family Genealogy

22 May 2022 - 4:50:31am
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ASHTON, Alice Mrs Alice Mrs22 May 1643379Death 
ASHTON, Alice Mrs Alice Mrs22 May 1643379Burial 
Barton, William Coleman
Ruschek, Bertha
William Coleman22 May 1873149Marriage 
BOYD, John Elliott John Elliott22 May 1855167Death 
Richard22 May 1625397Marriage 
Farnworth, John William John William22 May 1862160Birth 
Freeman, Silas E Silas E22 May 1883139Death 
HAWS, Albert W. Albert W.22 May 1912110Burial 
Jensen, Ellen Kirstine Ellen Kirstine22 May 1855167Death 
Jessen, Annie Margareth "Maggie" Annie Margareth "Maggie"22 May 1855167Birth 
MAKEPEACE, Waitawhile Waitawhile22 May 1641381Birth 
MAKEPEACE, Waitawhile Waitawhile22 May 1639383Christening 
MENDENHALL, John John22 May 1721301Birth 
Rasmussen, Morten
Rasmussen, Ellen
Morten22 May 1725297Marriage 
Skiffe, Abigail Abigail22 May 1666356Birth 
SMITH, Esther Esther22 May 1709313Birth 
SMITH, Esther Esther22 May 1709313Christening 
TAYLOR, Richard II Richard IIabout 22 May 1669353Death 
WHITCOMB, Benjamin Benjamin22 May 1794228Birth 
Zimmermann, Barbara Barbara22 May 1744278Death 

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