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Finlay Family Genealogy

25 May 2018 - 1:29:44am
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John25 May 1669349Marriage 
ASHTON, Rev. James
Rev. James25 May 1669349Marriage 
Breese, Ruth J Ruth J25 May 1914104Birth 
Christenson, Ann Catherine Ann Catherine25 May 1782236Death 
Donohoo, Howard Hynes "H.H." Howard Hynes "H.H."25 May 1906112Event 
Freeman, Thomas Thomas25 May 1600418Christening 
Gregory, Gilead Gilead25 May 1712306Christening 
Hendrix, Aron Aron25 May 1720298Birth 
HUMPHRIE, Margery Margery25 May 1572446Birth 
HUMPHRIE, Margery Margery25 May 1572446Christening 
LEE, Hancock Hancock25 May 1709309Death 
MAKEPEACE, George George25 May 1600418Birth 
MAKEPEACE, George George25 May 1600418Christening 
MEACHAM, Jeremiah
BROWNE, Deborah
Jeremiah25 May 1693325Marriage 
MEACHAM, Jeremiah
BROWNE, Deborah
Jeremiah25 May 1693325Marriage 
Sandford, Annie Mildred Annie Mildred25 May 1906112Event 
Smith, Herman L Herman L25 May 196256Death 
WOODWARD, James James25 May 1748270Death 

Total events: 18
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