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Finlay Family Genealogy

15 August 2018 - 3:10:46pm
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ALREDD, Ellen Ellen15 August 1583435Christening 
Bushnell, Francis Francis15 August 1625393Death 
Bushnell, Francis Francis15 August 1625393Death 
CUTLER, Joseph Joseph15 August 1566452Birth 
CUTLER, Joseph Joseph15 August 1566452Christening 
Fox, Eliphalet Eliphalet15 August 1711307Death 
HAHN, Albert Albert15 August 1858160Birth 
HAWS, Joseph Oliver ‎(Marlow)‎ Joseph Oliver (Marlow)15 August 1863155Birth 
Peter, Margaret Margaret15 August 1733285Death 
Shipman, Mary Mary15 August 1731287Birth 
Smith, Martha Ann Martha Ann15 August 1872146Birth 
SPOFFORD, Francis Francis15 August 1785233Death 
Wood, David James David James15 August 1910108Death 
YOEMAN ‎(YEOMAN)‎, Agnes ‎(Ann)‎ Agnes (Ann)15 August 1662356Death 
Young, David David15 August 1847171Death 
Zimmerman, Rosannah Rosannah15 August 1906112Death 

Total events: 16
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