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Finlay Family Genealogy

9 December 2022 - 11:41:14am
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BERTELSEN, Maren Maren9 December 1889133Death 
BRINTON, William
THATCHER, Jean ‎(Jane)‎
William9 December 1690332Marriage 
Bushnell, William William9 December 1711311Death 
Carr, Lela May Lela May9 December 198141Death 
DICKINSON, Martha Martha9 December 1648374Birth 
Freeman, Angenette L Angenette L9 December 193092Death 
MILLER, Hannah Hannah9 December 1789233Birth 
Page, William William9 December 1664358Death 
QUARLES, William
William9 December 1669353Marriage 
QUARTES, William
William9 December 1669353Marriage 
Sweets, Caroline Amelia Caroline Amelia9 December 1829193Birth 
Turner, Henry Henry9 December 1902120Death 
Wheeler, Ruth Ruth9 December 1713309Death 
WHITCOMB, Hannah ‎(Twin)‎ Hannah (Twin)9 December 1669353Death 

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