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Finlay Family Genealogy

7 February 2023 - 3:32:22pm
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Anna, Barbara Zimmermann Barbara Zimmermann7 February 1705318Birth 
BLOOD, James
James7 February 1631392Marriage 
BROWN, Jonathan Jonathan7 February 1691332Death 
Friderich, Hans Jakob Hans Jakob7 February 1737286Death 
GREEN, Hannah Hannah7 February 1647376Birth 
Hartmann, Margaretha Margaretha7 February 1678345Birth 
Hendrix, Nathaniel Nathaniel7 February 1704319Christening 
Hendrix, Nathaniel Nathaniel7 February 1704319Birth 
Jessen, Jesse Jesse7 February 1897126Death 
Jessen, Mads Peter
Andersen, Ane
Mads Peter7 February 1858165Marriage 
Jessen, Mads Peter
Bertelsen, Anne Marie
Mads Peter7 February 1858165Marriage 
Jessen, Mads Peter
Rasmussen, Anna
Mads Peter7 February 1858165Marriage 
KOLLOCK, Jacob Jacob7 February 1772251Death 
Page, Susan Susan25 January 1592/93 (4 February 1593)430Christening 
PRATT, Priscilla Priscilla7 February 1675348Birth 
PRENTISS, Emily Idella Emily Idella7 February 1872151Birth 
Presnell, Nora Edith Nora Edith7 February 1893130Birth 
Stocker, Christoph Christoph7 February 1562461Christening 
Wheeler, Abigail Abigail7 February 1712311Death 
WILTBANK, Isaac Isaac7 February 1721302Birth 
WILTBANK, John R. John R.7 February 1869154Death 

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