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Finlay Family Genealogy

1 December 2022 - 4:32:41pm
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BIDLACK, Olive Olive1 December 1769253Birth 
BOYD, Florence Florence1 December 1796226Birth 
BRINTON, William William1 December 1636386Christening 
BRINTON, William William1 December 1636386Birth 
BROWNE, Joseph Joseph1 December 1677345Birth 
CALVERT, Daniel DanielDecember Death 
CALVERT, Elizabeth ElizabethDecember Death 
CALVERT, Ellin EllinDecember Death 
CALVERT, William WilliamDecember Death 
Carr, Byron Kirk Byron KirkDecember 196260Death 
Coates, Annie Elizabeth Annie ElizabethDecember 198339Death 
COGAN, Henry Henry1 December 1612410Death 
COGAN, Henry Henry1 December 1612410Burial 
JohnDecember 1655367Marriage 
CUTLER, James James1 December 1690332Death 
CUTLER, Thomas ThomasDecember 1759263Burial 
DIXON, Dinah DinahDecember Death 
Donohoo, Charles "Chas" Charles "Chas"December 1863159Military 
Donohoo, Charles "Chas" Charles "Chas"December 1864158Military 
Donohoo, Rosanna Margaret "Marg" Rosanna Margaret "Marg"December 1872150Death 
Evans, Susan Marie Susan MarieDecember 197943Burial 
FINLAY, Anne Jane Anne Jane1 December 192795Death 
Gains, Daniel Danielbetween December 1737 and 1747285Death 
Gannon, John JohnDecember 1883139Birth 
GREEN, William WilliamDecember 1717305Burial 
GREEN, William William1 December 1717305Death 
Gregory, Enoch EnochDecember 1776246Burial 
Gregory, Samuel SamuelDecember 1743279Burial 
Hagen, C Walter C WalterDecember 1861161Birth 
HAWS, William Wallace
MILLS, Barbara Belinda
William Wallace1 December 1853169Marriage 
Hill, William WilliamDecember 1684338Burial 
HOLDAWAY, Shadrack
HAWS, Matilda
ShadrackDecember 1848174Marriage 
IGGLEDEN, Thomas Thomasabout December 1613409Birth 
JENSEN, Christen ChristenDecember 1723299Death 
Jensen, Maren Maren1 December 1791231Birth 
Johnson, Marian L. Marian L.December 1898124Birth 
LAKIN, William WilliamDecember 1672350Burial 
LEE, Hancock
BEALE, Winifred Eustace
HancockDecember 1676346Marriage 
Linn, Wendel
Lauer, Elisabetha Catherine
Wendel1 December 1705317Marriage 
Loomis, Walter WalterDecember 1573449Christening 
McBride, Hiram
Farthing, Mary Hervey
Hiram1 December 1844178Marriage 
MARSHALL, Abraham AbrahamDecember 1767255Burial 
NELSON, Phillip
LOWELL, Elizabeth
Phillip1 December 1666356Marriage 
Otis, Nathaniel NathanielDecember 1739283Death 
Presnell, Floyd Elmer Floyd Elmer1 December 1905117Birth 
Rider, Catherine Catherine1 December 1889133Death 
SESSIONS, Samuel SamuelDecember 1750272Burial 
STAMPER, Judith JudithDecember Death 
VAN DYKE, Achias Janse
HENDRICKS, Magdalena
Achias JanseDecember 1693329Marriage 
VEITCH, Alexander
AlexanderDecember 1623399Marriage 
Wheeler, George GeorgeDecember 1686336Death 
Wheeler, Thomas ThomasDecember 1686336Death 
WILLARD, Abovehope AbovehopeDecember 1663359Burial 
WILLIS, Henry HenryDecember 1675347Death 
WOODWARD, Joseph JosephDecember 1715307Burial 
WOODWARD, Martha MarthaDecember 1775247Burial 
WOODWARD, Richard RichardDecember 1706316Burial 
‎(unknown)‎, Amanda AmandaDecember 1858164Birth 
‎(unknown)‎, Elizabeth ElizabethDecember Death 
‎(unknown)‎, Grace GraceDecember 1691331Death 

Total events: 60
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