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Finlay Family Genealogy

24 May 2024 - 1:39:53pm
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Barton, Winnifred Cora "Winnie" Winnifred Cora "Winnie"24 May 1886138Birth 
BEAVAN, Jane Jane24 May 1770254Christening 
Corn, John Peter
Parr, Hannah Elizabeth
John Peter24 May 1782242Marriage 
Donohoo, Francis Thomas "Frank, FT"
Wheatley, Rebecca
Francis Thomas "Frank24 May 1830194Marriage 
Farnworth, James James24 May 193985Burial 
Forringer, Clyde Ray Clyde Ray24 May 198242Death 
JANNY, Heline Heline24 May 1611413Christening 
LARSEN, Hans Hans24 May 1789235Christening 
NIELSEN SMED, Christen Christen24 May 1781243Burial 
Saltzmann, Apollonia Apollonia24 May 1573451Christening 
SESSIONS, John John24 May 1737287Death 
SPENCER, William
LEWIS, Elizabeth
William24 May 1733291Marriage 
SPENCER, William
LEWIS, Elizabeth
William24 May 1733291Marriage 
Turner, Annie Lois Annie Lois24 May 195272Death 
EDGE, Abigail
Edward24 May 1705319Marriage 
MARSHALL, Elizabeth
William24 May 1723301Marriage 

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