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Finlay Family Genealogy

31 May 2023 - 12:37:00am
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BRINTON, Thomas Thomas31 May 1562461Birth 
CUTLER, Roger Roger31 May 1632391Burial 
Farnworth, Theo George Theo George31 May 197152Death 
TYSON, Martha
John31 May 1742281Marriage 
Fox, Experience Experience31 May 1721302Birth 
HOPKINSON, Ann Ann31 May 1737286Death 
Jackson, James James31 May 1775248Christening 
Jessen, Jes Peter Henrich Jes Peter Henrich31 May 1864159Birth 
COATES, Elizabeth
John31 May 1743280Marriage 
NIELSEN, Baltzer Baltzer31 May 1751272Birth 
Otis, John John31 May 1657366Death 
Seward, William William31 May 1764259Death 
THROCKMORTON, Bassingborne Bassingborne31 May 1565458Christening 
Wheeler, Susanna Susanna31 May 1607416Christening 
Wheeler, Susanna Susanna31 May 1607416Christening 
WRIGHT, Samuel
MOORE, Lydia
Samuel31 May 1664359Marriage 

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