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Finlay Family Genealogy

20 April 2024 - 10:56:19am
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Bausch, Heinrich
Hartmann, Johanna Katharine
Heinrich20 April 1834190Marriage 
BERTELSEN, Niels Niels20 April 1773251Death 
BLOOD, Jonathan
WOOD, Rebecca
Jonathan20 April 1733291Marriage 
BOYD, William R
FINLEY, Isabella
William R20 April 1836188Marriage 
BROWNE, Deborah Deborah20 April 1673351Birth 
Burnham, John John20 April 1721303Death 
Bushnell, Mary Mary20 April 1632392Christening 
Bushnell, Richard Richard20 April 1623401Christening 
Bushnell, Richard Richard20 April 1623401Christening 
Bushnell, Richard Richard20 April 1623401Birth 
CUTLER, Ann Ann20 April 1669355Birth 
CUTLER, Hezekiah Hezekiah20 April 1707317Birth 
CUTLER, Hezekiah Hezekiah20 April 1707317Christening 
DABY, John
HOLDEN, Elizabeth
John20 April 1747277Marriage 
DABY, John
WD HOLDEN, Elizabeth
John20 April 1747277Marriage 
HOWE, John
STRODE, Elizabeth
John20 April 1659365Marriage 
Johnson, Betty Alice Betty Alice20 April 192797Birth 
Mortensen, Jorgen Jorgen20 April 1816208Burial 
Presbury, Kezia Kezia20 April 1764260Death 
Preston, Hackaliah
Fairchild, Emma
Hackaliah20 April 1676348Marriage 
Squire, Alice Alicebefore 20 April 1567457Death 
STOUT, Johnathan Johnathan20 April 1771253Christening 
VEATCH OR VEITCH, James James20 April 1762262Death 
WILTBANK, Isaac Isaac20 April 1708316Death 
WILTBANK, John Cleveland John Cleveland20 April 196460Burial 

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