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Finlay Family Genealogy

6 December 2022 - 9:11:41pm
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DABY OR DARBY, Robert Robert6 December 1759263Death 
DICKINSON, Jeremiah Jeremiah6 December 1736286Birth 
Eriksen, Karen Karen6 December 1733289Christening 
Fox, Roswell
Loomis, Martha
Roswell23 November 1774/75 (4 December 1775)247Marriage 
Freeman, Elizabeth Elizabeth6 December 1792230Birth 
Freeman, Sarah Sarah6 December 1703319Birth 
Gregory, Ebenezer Ebenezer6 December 1696326Birth 
Gregory, Ebenezer Ebenezer6 December 1696326Christening 
MASON, Ellin Ellin6 December 1642380Death 
MASON, Ellin Ellin6 December 1642380Burial 
PEARSON, Samuell
POOR, Mary
Samuell6 December 1670352Marriage 
SESSIONS, Samuel Samuel6 December 1750272Death 
Sorensen, Morten Morten6 December 1772250Burial 
CUTLER, Hannah
Daniel6 December 1703319Marriage 
CUTLER, Hannah
Daniel6 December 1683339Marriage 

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